Weird Flowers In Honor of #FloralFriday

Hanging out on Google + today I noticed a hashtag trending called #floralfriday. Having a few moments to spare I decided to hunt down a few weird flowers and share. I found some weird flowers to be sure but I don’t know the names of the first two flowers, does anyone else know what these strange, but beautiful flowers are called?

Weird Bluish Flower

This weird, but beautiful flower almost looks like it was made from ceramic or plastic. Looks like a hardy flower…I wouldn’t get too close.


Popcorn Puff Flowers

I have named this flower myself until someone else tells me otherwise. It is now called the Popcorn Puff. It looks delicious for a beautiful puffy flower.


Passion Flower

Okay, this attractive flower already has a name, the Passion Flower. Beautiful purple colors, my grandmother’s favorite.


Got any other weird, but beautiful flowers to share? Post in the comments below.

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One Thought to “Weird Flowers In Honor of #FloralFriday”

  1. Cari Stuckart

    This is a Kentish Hero plant

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