Crazy Waiter Stories About Diners

Most of our customers have waiters and waitresses on their payroll. These employees can help further explain the restaurant’s menu and serve food to the customers. While it probably is not anyone’s dream job to wait tables, there is decent cash involved if you are good at your job. However, a lot of servers put up with a lot of crazy things on the job. Over the years, we have heard tons of interesting stories from waiters. We thought we’d share them with you.


Unique Tips

One of the most interesting things we’ve learned about the restaurant business is that a lot of customers tip in unique forms that do not involve money. The following are some forms of tips that customers have deemed appropriate for a waiter’s time and service:

  • Flattering note
  • Candy
  • Gift card to another restaurant
  • Monopoly money
  • Gold

These are just a few examples we are aware of; however there are many more. In most instances, the waiter probably would have preferred the cash. However, the effort behind the tip was better than leaving nothing at all.

Extravagant Tips

We have also heard of several instances of extravagant tips at many restaurants and with famous figures. In one scenario, a man split a lottery ticket with a waitress as his tip. He won $6 million, and agreed to split the money with the waitress. This tip is most likely the largest tip any server has ever received. However, the waiters for some of today’s celebrities are nicely compensated. Johnny Depp has been known to leave tips in the thousands. The same can be said of Donald Trump. Though, Donald usually tips high when he recognizes individuals who are working hard and trying to succeed in life.

Terrible Tips

There is always the occasion when servers receive terrible tips as well. It’s unfortunate, but we’ve seen it happen. People enter a restaurant and sit down to eat. A waiter attends to their needs throughout the entire meal. When these people go to pay the bill, they leave little to no tip. Maybe these customers do not realize what the line on the receipt that says, “tip” means. Perhaps they do not know that you should tip a waiter anywhere between 15 to 25 percent depending on the quality of service.

Regardless, there is nothing worse than a tip that is below 10 percent. In those instances, most waiters would prefer no tip. After all, when someone leaves no tip, there’s always a chance that they just forget. A small tip feels like a blow to the face.

Party Size

Moving on from the tips, it is important to cover the topic of party size. Many waiters are always telling us about how frustrating this issue is – especially when a party of 30 shows up 45 minutes before the restaurant is supposed to close. Hooray! In these scenarios, it is sometimes best to just join the party in a sense. Basically, have fun while you are doing you job. The people we know who enjoy the process more, usually make more money from their efforts. Even better, most waiters will end up leaving with new friends, funny stories, and a great time. They simply have to get past the annoyance of a large bill, separate checks, and a big mess to clean up at the end of the night.

Out of Place People

Sometimes the funniest scenarios to hear about are the people who look out of place at a restaurant. For example, we love it when our casual hamburger restaurant has a bride and groom at their establishment. It’s evidence that they have good food and a great atmosphere. There are also those funny occasions where a mom and dad bring their newborn to a fancy, white tablecloth restaurant. While no waiter is going to turn them away, the poor couple probably does look a little out of place and in need of a babysitter.

Preoccupied People

The most frustrating customer for a waiter is often the person who is preoccupied. This individual could be on their phone, talking with friends, or reading a book. Perhaps, they still cannot decide what they want to eat. Either way, it is almost comical that they are at your restaurant, and they do not want your help.

It can get a little bit crazy from time to time in the restaurant world. However, it is a great place to make some good money and meet new faces everyday. These stories give you a little insight into the life of a server.

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