Uses for Bumper stickers from A to Z


What do you think about a silly business post for today?

If you said ‘no thank you’, please accept my apologies.

Maybe I’m feeling a bit ‘punchy’ from all the soccer practices, dance rehearsals and homework trials.  Constantly being on the road, I notice bumper stickers that make me chuckle as well as cause my mind to aimlessly wander to a time when I was able to enjoy a nice trip to the mall or a spa.  Here is my ABC rundown of uses for bumper stickers for all your needs.


Accountants can advertise their services – great during tax times!

Bakeries can create bumper stickers to drive business directly to their door. Sell cakes and cupcakes and more.

Class trips can raise money selling funny or witty bumper stickers as a fundraiser. Show school pride as you drive around town!

Doggie daycare centers can give out bumper stickers to their clients. It is a great promotion, dogs are driven to the doggie daycare and this lets everyone in the area know about the doggie daycare center.

Extra bumper stickers are always a smart thing to order no matter your project. Bumper stickers are often very popular!

Families can create a bumper sticker for a family reunion or to share a favorite joke.

Gardening centers can give out bumper stickers with gardening tips, to attract new and old customers.

High school activities, like a band or the school play can create a bumper sticker to fundraise for school activities.

Insurance agents can use bumper stickers to offer safe driving tips and to sell their insurance services.

Joke and humor writers can make bumper stickers with funny and witty sayings to earn money.

Kite designers can create a bumper sticker to promote their beautiful kites and attract more customers.

Landscaping companies can put bumper stickers on their trucks so people looking for a landscaper will know who to call if they need one.

Magicians and other birthday party entertainers can have a bumper sticker that advertises their services. A fun, colorful bumper sticker would be on that families would be happy to add to their vehicle.

Nursing schools  are learning to create bumper stickers to attract students for nursing programs.

Orthodontists can give out a bumper sticker to promote good oral hygiene and attract new patients.

Party planners can give a bumper sticker to promote their event planning skills, or even to promote the charity and community events they plan.

Quilting stores can offer a bumper sticker to let quilters share their love of quilts while on the road, and also let people know where a great quilting store is in the area.

Runners are a great market to target with a bumper sticker Use a bumper sticker to promote a charity run or other running event for a charity or community event. A bumper sticker will easily attract other runners and get attention.

Schools from pre-K to college/university level can create bumper stickers to let everyone know a family member is a student from that school. Many schools also create a bumper sticker for Honor Students and high achievement.

Tutors can advertise their services on a bumper sticker. Giving bumper stickers to their current and new clients lets families in the area know about their great tutoring services.

Umpires at baseball games can give out bumper stickers, and so can baseball teams so their fans will root for them.

Vampires can give out bumper stickers…but its doubtful anyone will take them!

Weathermen can offer a bumper sticker from a radio or TV station to encourage people to listen to a certain weather report.

X-ray technology companies can give out bumper stickers to the trucks that bring their x-ray machines to facilities. Letting people know who to contact about services and products.

Yoga studios can offer a bumper sticker to their clients, to help attract new clients to their studio.

Zoos can jump on the bumper sticker bandwagon and create one for fund-raising and promotion. Give out a bumper sticker with zoo admission or membership.

I would have put it to a cute tune, but my brain became mush much sooner than I anticipated.  Maybe you can help me with a catchy tune? Maybe a flash mobMaybe I need a nap…..

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