Tips For Choosing Wood Shelving

Shelving is a wonderful addition to any home and can help homeowners become more organized while it simultaneously provides beauty and personality to any home. There are hundreds of shelving options that homeowners can choose from, but you simply can’t go wrong if you choose wood shelving. Wood shelving can add rich and soothing colors to your home, and it can also be made to match any decorative style and color that you are looking for. If you are interested in purchasing wood shelving that will make your home more attractive, here are some tips for choosing the right wood shelving for your wants and needs.

Consider PurposeMerrifield Shelf


When it comes to choosing wood shelving, one of your first priorities should be to figure out the main purpose of your shelving. If you are looking for primarily decorative wood shelves where you can showcase family photos and other lighter items, then you can usually choose a lightweight shelf that can be secured to the wall in at least two locations. If you plan to showcase items that are a bit heavier, such as decorative pitchers or trophies, then you will need to upgrade your wood shelf to something a bit sturdier. Before purchasing any wooden shelf, imagine the items that you will be placing on it so that you can choose a shelf that is sturdy and strong enough to support those particular items.

If you need a wood shelf that will act as a mantel piece above your fireplace, you should take careful measurements before making your purchase. This will help you to ensure that you choose a mantel of the right width and thickness to look natural and beautiful in its intended space. The overall look and style that you are trying to portray with your wood mantel shelf should be taken into consideration before you purchase a shelf as well.

Consider Style And Color

Tudor Shelf

Once you have figured out the main purpose that you want to use your wood shelving for, you should then consider the style that you want it to be. Your wood shelving should fit in well with each room in your home where you plan to install it. This means that you probably don’t want to choose the exact same style of shelf throughout your entire home, unless the style themes are consistent in each room of your home. For example, a casual wood shelf may fit well in your bathroom, but your bedroom might require the look of a more romantic wood shelf.

While a romantic shelf might work well in your bedroom, you probably wouldn’t want to choose romantic Victorian-style wood shelves for a child’s bedroom that is decorated in polka dots or baseball paraphernalia.  As you can see, you may need to incorporate different shelf styles into different rooms throughout your house, so keep this in mind when you go shopping for new wood shelving.

In addition to style, you should carefully consider the color and size that you want your wood shelving to be in each room in your home. If you don’t consider the size and color of shelving that you want in advance, then you may end up purchasing shelves that are too big or too small for your needs, or that clash with the existing colors in a room. However, if you keep all of the above considerations in mind when shopping for shelves, you will be certain to choose wood shelving that is perfect for your needs and wants.

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