Three Of The Top Jewelry Trends Of 2012

Jewelry is a way for you to express yourself. You might wear jewelry as a subtle accessory, or you might want it to make a large statement. The way you accessorize with jewelry might say something about your personality. Big, bold minimalist jewelry Singapore might be a sign that you have a bold personality and are not afraid to put yourself out there to get noticed. Subtle jewelry, and something that is smaller, could be a sign that you are more comfortable behind the scenes and that perhaps that you don’t like to get noticed quite so much. Either way, there are some fun jewelry trends of 2012 that you might want to check out, you definitely can’t miss out on this designer jewelry.

Geodes rock!

Perhaps you think of a huge rock that sat on your grandfather’s desk for years when you hear “geode”. Did you ever look at it and consider the beauty and intrigue? What if it were smaller? Could you wear it as a piece of jewelry? In 2012, geodes have become one of the most popular jewelry trends of the year, if you still have doubts on what piece of jewelry to choose you can get help at

They might look like ordinary rocks from the outside, but when they are cut open, they expose beautiful minerals that are perfect for jewelry. Some are large enough to put a small figurine inside. Some might have a diamond set inside to give it a little more bling. There are geodes that are small enough to make earrings out of, and others that are perfect for a chunky necklace.

Feathers in Jewelry

You may have seen feathers displayed in a variety of different ways already. People are getting them grafted into their hair. They have feather prints on their T-shirts. They are even wearing feather jewelry. Although it began in 2011, feathers have remained popular in 2012. Depending on your style and your level of getting yourself out there, the options are many.

Some people like shorter feather earrings that do not extend beyond their jaw line. Others are going way out and wearing a feather earring in one ear that hangs down past their chest, with a stud in the other ear. This makes quite a bold statement and can be a lot of fun for the person wearing the jewelry. Feathered necklaces and bracelets are also all the rage.

Futuristic Jewelry

Using the future as a canvas, jewelers are creating futuristic jewelry. The designs and shapes that are created are thought up by thinking of the future and they are made out of many different materials. Some of the materials used for futuristic jewels are:

  • Heavy metals with all sorts of finishes.
  • Heavy plastics because they are easily moldable.
  • A variety of stones to give it a natural flair.

If you find some jewelry that has a different shape to it, or is a color that you have never seen before, chances are that you may have just found some futuristic jewelry and you might want to purchase it so that you are in style.

As you can see, companies like Metal Couture know jewelry trends of 2012. If you want to get in style, some pieces of jewelry to look for are geodes, feathers, and futuristic jewels, like september’s birthstone.

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