The Pole Barn Low-Down

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Have you ever heard of a pole barn and wondered what it is? Maybe when you were looking for a new storage option, you read somewhere about them. Perhaps your friends have one and they are suggesting that you construct one as well. If you are unsure of what a pole barn even is, you might not be sure whether or not you want to have one built on your property. Learning about pole barns might help you to be able to make that decision a little bit easier.

What Is A Pole Barn?

Pole Barn

Originally, a pole barn was used for agricultural purposes and was an actual barn. Today the term “pole barn” is used to describe any structure that is made by post frame construction. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes. You could use a pole barn as a garage, a storage shed, a stable, a commercial warehouse, and in some cases, a home.

How Do They Look?

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Pole barns come in many different shapes and sizes. The way that a pole barn is designed is up to you and the purpose that you are using the structure for. You might want a very simple design because you are using it as a commercial storage facility. If you are going to live out of your structure, you might want a more elaborate design. Pole barns can be painted many different colors, depending on your style and what you want the building to look like. Visit this site for  interior painting and custom finishing ideas.

Do They Need A Concrete Floor?

To build a pole barn, you do not need to pour a concrete floor. It might be helpful to have a concrete foundation or floor for some of the different uses of a pole barn, but it is not necessary for the construction to be correct. If you are going to park your new car in the structure, you may want a concrete floor, or if you are going to have storage shelves with wheels on them, a concrete floor might be more convenient.

Can A Person Reside In A Pole Barn?

In some situations, people have lived in pole barns. It is not a typical form of residency, and you would probably need to contact your local city officials to see what modifications would need to be made, but it is possible. You can insulate the walls, add flooring, and put up walls complete with electricity wired throughout. Plumbing is easy to install as well, so as long as you have the proper permission with the city, there is nothing else holding you back.

What Are Some Other Uses?

Large Pole Barn

The possibilities are endless, like storage for your farm, storing tractors from and equipment too. If you need a quick and effective solution for a variety of situations, a pole barn could very well be the answer. They are used in the automotive industry as workshops and in residential situations as guest houses. They are used for hay storage on a farm and for gift shops in the country. Whatever uses you can think of, you can probably construct a pole barn for it.

Now that you have a little bit of knowledge under your belt about pole barns, you can make an easier decision about constructing one on your property. They are a fast and effective way to get the extra storage space that you need.

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