Simple, Yet Scary Pumpkin Carving Faces

While not all of us (including me) are masters of pumpkin carving for Halloween, we may still want to carve something a little scarier than the normal three tooth pumpkin face that stares up at you with a stupid grin on its orange face. Surely, there are some simple and scary pumpkin faces that can be easily carved into our pumpkin. I took a look around and found some that aren’t that heard, at least to my novice eye, yet can certainly ward off any evil spirits as jack-o-lanterns were designed to do.

I have ranked these scary pumpkin faces in order of difficulty. Do you agree? Think you can do better. Send any photos you have to and I will post them here even if they get here after Halloween.

The Jack Skellington Pumpkin Face

Not too difficult for a scary pumpkin face, right?

This pumpkin carving shows a little skill but the result is far scarier than the workload and talent would seem.

Triangle Teeth and Double Eyes Jack-O-Lantern

Nice use of jagged teeth for a scary pumpkin.

A wide mouth and a evil looking grin make for a fright on this guy.

Another Jack Skellington With Eyebrows

The mouth of this one is a little more scary and the eyebrows add to the menacing stare. But still, not too hard for you to create this pumpkin carving.

Fangs on a Pumpkin Face

Alright, this is a bit harder, but even more scarier.

Adding cracks to this pumpkin carving really ups the scare-factor. Eyeballs can be tricky so I bump this difficulty up another notch. Leaving out the eyes may be okay as the fangs really creep my out too. A simple yet scary pumpkin face needs details like fangs and eyes to really hit home.

Pumpkin Carving with Rows and Rows of Shark Teeth

Okay, this pumpkin carving is going to be easy, but yikes!

Multiple mouthfuls of teeth send this pumpkin carving off the scary chart. No child is getting candy from a house with this on the porch. Stay Away, it screams! But it certainly isn’t easy; I just wanted to show it off as it is really cool.

And just so you don’t finish this article with a fright, here is a welcoming pumpkin carving that is definitely not easy or simple, but it does say, Welcome!

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  1. Emma

    I did the first Jack Skellington face and it looks so good. Thanks u Lauren Q. Hill!

    1. Send me a picture of your pumpkin carving, Emma. I’ll post it here.

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