Making Your Own Escape

Relax At Home

Relax At Home

There are so many demands that are placed on individuals in the world today:  work, education, community service, or even just the basic family responsibilities.  These things can become heavy to bear after a while, and many people find themselves wishing for a place they could just escape to.  With the restraints on time and money, taking a true vacation may be difficult in many cases.  With this being the situation, why not create your own escape within your home?

A Sanctuary

Your home should be a safe and comfortable place, anyway.  And while many of the rooms within it are likely full to the brim with activity and responsibility, it is important that amidst all that is found a sanctuary.  This can be a library, a sunroom, even an enclosed porch on the back side of the house.  It simply needs to be a place where you can go when things get a little too crazy in your life.  There, you can sit quietly and leave the stress of your everyday life just outside the door.

Making It Happen

If you don’t have all the money you would like to in order to remodel your home, don’t worry just yet.  You can still make your own escape by simply transforming the way that a specific room in the house is used.  This may include many elements, such as color scheme, décor, furniture, or simply appliances, etc.  For example, if you wish to transform a basement play room into a thoughtful study area, write a list of questions that will guide you to correctly finding the solutions:

  • Are there any objects in this room that provide unnecessary distraction?  This may be a television, computer, clashing color schemes, etc.
  • Can these objects be moved to another room, or can I afford to rid myself of them completely?
  • What other changes can be made to make this room immediately feel more comfortable?
  • Are there items throughout the rest of my home that would better be suited to this newly rethought space?
  • In this questions has more tips for you. Just visit their site.

    These questions are only a jumping off point for finding the perfect balance in your room of choice.  However, by using them, you will come closer to creating that needed sanctuary in your home.

    Psychology of Color

    If the room you have chosen is still bathed in that plain wall color that has been on the walls of your home since it was built, you may want to consider the options you have available to you in color.  Part of the reason why this might be important is the fact that our bodies and minds react naturally to color in different ways.  For example, a bright red may be more stimulating to the mind, prompting you to work hard or get up and move.  On the other hand, a softer shade of blue or brown may serve as a more soothing element that calms the atmosphere of the room.  Check out some of the different color options that you might have, and think carefully about the emotions or thoughts that those colors naturally produce within you.  These may be used to your advantage in the design of your escape room.

    The Sunroom Feeling

    Natural light tends to affect people in a very positive way.  Especially in a world so full of busy people that are stuck in office building and schools all day long, having a room full of natural light can be a very healthy thing.  This is where a sunroom has a definite edge on the competition.  Made to invite a healthy amount of light and warmth in, the sunroom is generally designed to be a quiet and positive space in your home.  Even if your home does not have one at this time, it may be possible to create one.  Talk to experts at Northern Lights Exteriors for more details, if this is a possibility for you.

    The Creative Process

    Even as you begin to brainstorm the possibilities that are available to you for your home, you may begin to feel a sense of comfort, knowing that you have the power to transform your own space.  This creative process can be just as important as the finished product.  Take all the time you need to make sure that what you end up with is exactly what you were hoping for.   Work with a team of experts if you need to.  In the end, it will be worth all of the work to have a beautiful escape built right into the walls of your own home.


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