Make Your Business Stick with Business Card Magnets

Own a small business? Don’t neglect the importance of promotion and marketing for your business. While some of these tactics can be quite expensive, many are actually pretty cost effective. A great option for many business niches is choosing Business Card Magnets. These magnets share the information that is on your business card, and they “stick around” because they are magnets.

Its a fact: customers love Business Card Magnets. Giving out these magnets means that your business information is easily at their fingertips. Whether you are a realtor, hair salon, plumber, computer tech or have another business, these magnets may be the ideal option for you. Your customer can stick them to the refrigerator or other magnetic surface and then the next time they need your services, they will call you.

When creating these magnets, you want to do so in a way that helps customers connect with you quickly and easily. Take the time to think about a few questions we’ve listed below:

  • How does your company prefer to receive orders?
  • Do you have a different telephone/fax number for rush orders?
  • Do you offer 24 hour services/emergency services?

As you can see, some services may want to list a cell phone for after hours (9am – 5pm) calls. Other companies may want to list a fax number for rush orders. Taking the time to customize this for your business not only helps you, but it greatly helps your customers connect quickly with you. If you only list one way to contact with you, they may be delayed in reaching you the proper way. Or they may not be able to reach you when they really need you, and there is the potential to lose a good customer.

Promote your business on your magnets. Dx print keeps posting about this being an important thing to do, because each of these magnets has the ability to attract new customers to your door. Not only will regular customers you have serviced use these magnets, but new customers who see your magnets may call you and need your products or services. The more you are able to tell them about what you can do, the better opportunity you have to provide them with a good business experience. If you are known for carrying certain brands or repairing certain brands, list them on your magnet. If you are a family owned business and have been in business for a certain period of time, you could list this on your magnet too. If you are bi-lingual, this is something you can list on your magnet, to attract customers who speak either language.

Once you have the business card magnets, its time to put them to good use. Carry them with you everywhere you go. When you hand them out, hand out two so they will have a second to give to family or friends. Carry them even on social occasions because you never know when you will meet someone who could need your services.

Business card magnets can help your business “stick around” for a long time, successfully!

I also found this instructographic for making refrigerator magnets.

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