Kissing Lips Flower – Pucker Up!


This flowering plant, the Psychotria Elata, attracts hummingbirds and butterflies by showing them some fairly seductive, and delicious ruby red lips. The flowers on the plant may attract humming birds, but I’m still confused by human lips attract the hummingbird? You would think you would see lots of humming birds and butterflies crashing into peoples’ faces to get at the perceived sweet nectar within. See my only found image of a butterfly feeding on a human face below the puckering flowers.



Okay, this may not be a butterfly trying to feed from the lips of a human, but it is cute.


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5 Thoughts to “Kissing Lips Flower – Pucker Up!”

  1. Tina Boomerina


    I think we should rename that flower PsychoErotica Elata. haha. Or maybe it would be more appropriate if it were called PsychoAngelinia Jolieata… a moniker I might remember.

    1. Great suggestion, Tina! I opt for the name without Angelina, she gets enough attention as it is. And, btw, I love your site. Fun, fun, fun!

  2. Susan Fullbright

    Where can I purchase this plant???

    1. Susan, I have checked online and do not see this flowering plant for sale. Too bad, it would be a great Valentine’s Day gift.

  3. Fran B.

    After I saw this beauty, I did some research as to where to buy. This plant is grown in the rainforests. Guess we won’t be able to get one here. If someone can find the seeds–might be able to propagate in a high humidity greenhouse.

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