Importance Of Having The Right Employees

good employee

good employee

Your business can’t run all by itself.  You need the help of highly qualified and highly trained employees to help the wheel run smoothly.  Dealing with employee problems, or with a high turnover rate can seriously disrupt the everyday flow of business and take up valuable amounts of time better spent helping your customers.  The environment in the workplace is also much more productive and enjoyable when you have employees who are honest and who are genuinely interested in the success of the company.  Getting your employees to become invested in the goals of the business, and not just earning a paycheck, can make a huge difference in the success of your business.  But good employees don’t come on their own – you may need to search them out and train them when they come.

Ways To Find Employees

  • Classified ads
  • Listing positions on the company’s website
  • Recruiting at colleges or training schools
  • Hiring a staffing company

Rating The Ways To Find Good Employees

When you place an ad in the newspaper, especially in times of economic hardship, you can be guaranteed that you will have a large amount of responses.  The problem with this is that they may not be carefully screened, and you may have quite a few unqualified applicants.  In sheer number this is a very effective way to get the word out about a potential job.  If you are looking for high quality or special qualifications, this may not be the best way to go.

The same problems may be encountered when a position is posted online.  You will probably not have as high an amount of unqualified applicants, but you will still have to weed through quite a few.  The benefit of this is that the applicant must have access to a computer and basic computer knowledge to be able to apply for a job online.

Recruiting from specific schools is an effective way to find high quality employees, but can be expensive and time consuming for those who are involved in the hiring process.  If you are looking for a large number of highly qualified employees to fill several positions, this may be a great way to go, but for just one or two positions you may opt for something simpler.

Hiring a staffing company has many benefits and few negatives.  You have a much larger network of candidates to choose from.  They have also been pre-screened by the staffing company to ensure they have the necessary skills to handle the tasks.  Background checks can be completed before you even meet the candidate.  And if you are looking for a specific skill or talent, it can be listed with the staffing company and unqualified applicants can be weeded out immediately.  An agency for staffing can simply take over the process of hiring and handle all the time consuming details for you.

The Worth Of A Good Employee

Your business can only be as good as those who run it.  You may offer the best product invented, but without the right people to sell it and to deal with your customers, it may fail quickly.   Having good employees is as important as having a great service or product.

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