I see what you did there – Phallic Ice Cream Scoop from Williams-Sonoma


You can never be sure if something like this is intentional, subconscious or just an honest mistake. Either way it is certainly humorous. Williams-Sonoma has a Rösle Ice Cream Scoop for sale at their site and they have, seemingly, strategically positioned their ice cream scoop delicately between two purple scoops of ice cream. This peculiar positioning leads this innocent shopper to the conclusion that Williams-Sonoma is trying to do some manipulative sales with this phallic ice cream + two ice cream balls.

I can barely keep myself from laughing when I see the link above for Whipped Cream Tools.

So, am I seeing things that aren’t there or does someone at Williams-Sonoma had Freudian issues that are just now coming out in an effort to sell ice cream scoops. What do you think?

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One Thought to “I see what you did there – Phallic Ice Cream Scoop from Williams-Sonoma”

  1. Ladygoogoogaga

    So funny! It looks like something my husband would do….

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