Halloween Costumes That Makes You Go Hmmm?


While everyone loves a scary costume and most men love a sexy costume, I like costumes that make you think. Dressing up as metaphor, a pun, or a play on words is difficult and when you pull it off you become legend…until next year when you have to do it again. I love this one. Great, great Halloween costume. I found it here. Anyone one else seen any costumes that really make you think?


And just in case you don’t get the Halloween costume pun, scroll down.





keep going





okay, here’s a hint: think about the country they are trying to emulate.




still don’t know? Think about the band their makeup is referencing.



one last chance…



They are a French Kiss. And in today’s world of quick fixes and unoriginal thoughts you have to hand it to these guys. They took the time to come up with a clever Halloween costume and follow it through. While Halloween pun costumes may take a little more work and be ridiculed for being over-the-top or too confusing, it sometimes pays to take a chance. And yes, I realize it is only a Halloween costume, but I think a life lesson can be found here. Be creative, be original and don’t worry about what other people think. Someone will always, always be there to criticize, even a French Kiss costume, but you will have the admiration of other people that really count.

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