Gross Candy I Hope My Kids Don’t Bring Home


When I think of candy I think of chocolate bars, fruity flavors and lollipops. But it seems some individuals (not judging) would like their candy to be a bit on the disgusting side. So here are some candy choices I don’t want to see my children bring home on Halloween night. To be more clear, here is a list of gross candy that I wouldn’t eat and I don’t want to see my children eat. (shudders). What are your thoughts? Do you like gross novelty candy or would you prefer the simple satisfaction that a snicker’s bar or a kit kat can bring. At least you don’t have to see these gross candy product that often as they seem to pop only on Halloween with any frequency, much like Dracula, the Mummy and very short ghosts.

But if you are a fan of revolting candy that would make your Mom cringe, here are some of the worst or best gross candies.

Box of Boogers

Tagline: Tandy Gummy Boogies that Look and Feel Real!

Grossest Description: The largest boogers measure about 1 inch long. Amazing!

Flavors: Snottermelon, Sour Green Boogy, and Lemon Loogy

Lauren’s Thoughts: I’m so glad they feel real, I’m just hoping these candy boogers don’t taste real.

Not sure what they really look like? Well, no problem, here is a better picture and it looks like you get to see a candy booger in action too. Great!

Is this a candy booger or the real thing? Only one way to find out. Give it a taste.

Cherry Liquid Candy Blood Bags

Tagline: Your body won’t reject this delicious candy blood

Grossest Description: Red liquid candy is packaged in real blood bags, just like the intravenous bags used at hospitals!

Interesting Fact: The flavor preferred by top heart surgeons and thirsty vampires alike!

Lauren’s Thoughts: In some ways this is a precursor for our childrens’ futures, as most of them will probably be diabetic with high blood sugar. Get them started early, I say!

Drip, drip, drip – I love my increased blood sugar!

Sour Liquid Candy Urine Samples

Tagline: Wait until people see you drinking your own pee pee sample.

Grossest Description: Just unscrew the cap and enjoy!

Good to Know: You’ve never had so much fun with a medical container

Lauren’s Thoughts: Many children will grow up around the influence of drugs. Is it really smart to get them use to handling urine samples? This could easily lead to a life of failed attempts at passing drug tests for their employers. Just saying…

Only you and your doctor will know for sure.

And there you have it, some of the most gross Halloween candy I have come across and wouldn’t you know it, they all involve bodily fluids. Mucus (snot), blood and lovely urine. Just what every child wants on Halloween. Enjoy your Halloween this year! Oh, if you are interested in buying these unusual candies, try the Candy Warehouse.

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