Get Everyone to Wear Name Tag Labels at Your Next Conference or Event

Have an event coming up & getting ready to order name tag labels? One of the biggest challenges that no one likes to talk about, is that about 20% of the people attending seem to refuse to wear their name tag. This is quite frustrating for any event planner. When you want a big group of people to connect, that name tag is the perfect “icebreaker.” Here are a few tips to encourage even those hold out 20% to wear their name tags!
People wearing name tags

Raffle prizes.

This is a fun way to get everyone to eagerly peel and stick their name tags. Don’t worry or think you have to break the bank on high priced prizes that will keep everyone’s name tags on. Prizes need to be fun and appealing, something that everyone would want to win. A fun prize could be a gift card to a favorite coffee place or an industry related book. Or what about having lunch with a top executive from the company? Many in the company wouldn’t pass up and opportunity to network with someone in the company, and would certainly keep their name tags on.

Icebreaker game/exercise.

As people enter, let them know you’ll be doing an icebreaker exercise using their name tag. This lets them know they need to keep it on. The majority of them will simply keep it on after the exercise. Keep the exercise fun, social and something that helps people connect with each other and get the conversation going. Another idea is to let them know the icebreaker exercise will happen at a specific time, but the challenge with this is they may not put on their name tags until that time if they don’t like name tags.

Make the name tags easy on the eyes.

If pushed to admit it, many who don’t like name tags will admit they simply don’t like the way they look. Fortunately today you have more options. This is ideal for just about every niche or industry and corporate culture. If you work in a very conservative environment, choosing a classic name tag is ideal. If you work in a more trendy environment, perhaps a modern style name tag would be more fun. So try to choose a name tag that is attractive, one that people will want to wear.

Details matter.

Another reason people often don’t like to wear name tags is because someone who has done the name tags has gotten the details wrong. This is most important when your sales team is marketing at a trade show event. Whether it is spelling their name wrong, getting their job title wrong or some other information, it is simply frustrating to wear a name tag with wrong information and then have to explain repeatedly that it is wrong. Don’t pass off the creation of name tags as a small detail. Have the person doing it understand that this is critical to the event’s success. Have them double and triple check the details of each name tag.

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