Celebrity Caricatures – Funny Portraits and Paintings


I love these weird spoof and homage paintings and portraits, celebrity caricatures of a sort. I have selected some of my favorites. Not sure if anyone remembers the episode of a show called King of Queens. But the episode, “Present Tense” had this hilarious painting of Doug and Kelly done by their best friends, Deacon and Kelly. It was supposed to be a bad gift and so the portrait was purposely horrible, but still very funny. We will kick of the post with that portrait.

Doug & Cary Funny Portrait from King of Queens.

Doug and Cary Funny Portrait

Justin Bieber 1.0

Justin Bieber

Bill Murray (Looks like around the time he made Stripes.)


Vin Diesel


Does Mr. Bean really need a caricature? He is a real-life caricature.


Now I see it, Edward Scissorhands with a cat body. Hair matches body now.


This just feels right. Robert Downey, Jr. as ship’s admiral.


Haven’t we all had days like this. Homer in The Scream.


Got any funny celebrity caricatures to share? Post a comment, please.

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