Beautiful, But Weird Flowers

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While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, beauty can also be both strange and wonderful at the same time. Some would even say beauty can be both frightening and beautiful in the same moment. I believe all these things apply to this collection of weird flowers. Most of them look like something you would find on a alien planet or in some B movie from the 50s or 60s, yet they are right here on our wonderful planet. These strange looking flowers are proud and beautiful, attracting insects, bees and photographers with the other-worldly beauty and sense of something just ain’t right. Enjoy these odd beauties and wonder just what Mother Nature was smoking when she made these flowers. Here is another weird flower that is know as the kissing lips flower and some more.

By the way, some flowers I found the names for, some I didn’t and made them up. Have fun figuring which is which. And feel free to name the real flower names in the comments. Thanks.

Passion Flower

We’ll start with a nice simple flower that looks a bit weird. Hold on after this.

Passion Flower

Tacca chantrieri – The Black Bat Flower

Aptly named, terrifying flower.

black bat flower

Passiflora Atala

Flowers should not have tentacles.

Passiflora Atala

Artichoke Flower

artichoke flower

Popcorn Puff Flowers

Pop, now I’m a flower.


Australian Native Flower

Meanwhile in Australia.


Amorphophallus titanum

Popularly known as the “corpse flower,” is the world’s biggest and worst smelling flower.


Bizarre Purple Flower

This flower screams “Look at me!”

weird purple flower

Trumpet Flower

Or ode to a phallic flower.

Trumpet Flower

Another Passion Flower

My hair is all frizzy!


Flying Duck Orchid

Duck season! Rabbit Season! Duck Season!

flying duck orchid

Tulip “Ice cream”

Looks delicious, not.

tulip ice cream flower

Red Bells Flower

Ring the bells, we got a weird one here.

red bell flower

Spiderweb scary flower

Or the pointy cotton of death flower?

spiderweb scary flower

Ceropegia haygarthii

What insect would want to land on this strange flower?


Dracula benedictii,

One of the orchids with the nickname “monkey face”.


Stinking Corpse Lily

The stinking corpse lily is the largest known individual flower in the world. The flower is very rare, hard to locate, and smells like a decaying/rotting carcass.


Cock’s Comb

Also known as the Wool Flower, the Cock’s Comb is a highly colorful flower that has a crested 2-5 inches, and grows on top of a leafy stem that stands approximately 12 inches tall.

cocks comb

A Weird Flower — pipe flower maybe

Looks like a toilet bowl to me.

A Weird Flower --- pipe flower maybe

Hairy Starfish Flower

Or Patrick the Hairy Flower.

star fish flower

Torpedo Flower

A weird and suspicious flower.

bullet flower

Super Weird Corn Cob Flower

It almost looks like an ear of corn

Super weird flower. It almost looks like an ear of corn


Aand it’s in the same family as a Buttercup. It’s a weird flower, like an artichoke stuffed into a rose.


Got anymore weird, strange and mesmerizing flowers to add to this list?

Sources: Pinterest and DPReview

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