Adding Holiday Colors & Cheer to Your Fireplace Mantel

The modern fireplace has become more than a way to provide heat for our homes. It can be the focal point of a room, providing not only a spot for the family to gather around on chilly winter nights, but a first impression for guests when they enter your home. It can be a lot of fun to customize and decorate the look of your fireplace. There’s nothing cozier than sitting in front of a blazing fire, with the mantelpiece decorated with inviting colors and treasured heirlooms. In contrast, a bare mantel can seem cold and unwelcoming. If you already have a fireplace in your home, why not showcase it? Just a bit of attention to detail and creativity can help make your living room – or whatever room your fireplace is in – a favorite room for family and friends to gather.

Autumn Warmth

As the days cool and nights start to turn chilly, this is the perfect time to get your fireplace in good working order to bring warmth and light into your home. Once the grate, chimney, and doors are cleaned, it’s time to pay attention to how the mantel looks. Is it haphazard, with keys, kids’ school papers, and whatever else carelessly tossed onto it? Or are you just tired of the same decorations you’ve used year round? Start the fireplace season fresh with autumn-themed decorations, such as different-sized candles in warm fall colors, a vase of sunflowers, a group of tiny pumpkins, or a swag of autumn leaves and berries. Hanging a wreath or framed picture over your fireplace that has cheery colors like yellow, orange, and red, will brighten the room while keeping with the fall theme. And of course, the arrival of Halloween is an especially fun time to experiment with your mantelpiece decorations!

Winter Cheer

Whether you prefer the traditional Christmas greens and reds, frosty silvers and pale colors to imitate the look of winter, or anything in between, there’s no end to the decorating styles you can top your mantel with during the holiday season. One look that never goes out of style is the evergreen swag. Because of how realistic they look – and the money and trees they save over the years – fake Christmas trees are all the rage these days, but one thing that’s missing from having a fake tree in the house is the wonderful scent of pine. A swag made of real pine looks great on top of a mantel, and the scent will freshen up the entire room. They can be purchased pre-decorated, or plain if you have a creative streak. Pine cones, ornaments, holly berries, bows, and miniature candy canes are just a few examples of the decorations you can use to spruce up your swags, garlands, or wreaths. Candles, nativities, figurines, and framed photos of holidays past are all good decorations to compliment whatever you choose to be your holiday mantel centerpiece. Don’t forget the stockings, milk, and cookies!

Warming Up

Winter’s over and the weather is warming up again. Just because you no longer need to heat your home doesn’t mean you should ignore that unused fireplace. Swags and garlands of spring and summer flowers can look gorgeous next to the usual picture frames and knick-knacks that you love to display on your mantelpiece. Updating whatever hangs above the fireplace is a great way to welcome the change of any season. A summery wreath or large framed picture showing a bright, warm scene or a recent family portrait will freshen the look of your living room. Some people like to place something in front of the fireplace when it’s not in use during the warmer months. Whether it’s a big basket of flowers, a few lush houseplants, some piles of books, or a piece of small furniture like a little wooden bench, adding something new to the space in front of your fireplace when it’s not in use will feel like you’ve done a bit of redecorating. So its always a good thing to go to some furniture stores and get a little wooden bench which will brighten up the place. It’s also perfectly fine to just polish up the doors in front of the grate and leave the space bare, letting whatever’s on your mantel have the spotlight.

The Heart Of Your Living Room

Fireplaces are large features, and therefore are usually built to look attractive and interesting. Whether the family is gathered around a cheerful fire with hot cocoa and marshmallows on a cold winter night, or you’re surrounding the space with bright flowers to celebrate spring, your mantelpiece can become the centerpiece of your living room. You may keep the same furniture year round, but the mantelpiece is easy to redecorate and have fun with during the change of any season.

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