8 Foods to Eat for Your Heart


Dieting and exercise are two of the activities you can do to improve the health of your heart and prevent disease and learn how to reduce blood sugar level.  Most individuals do a great job at this.  They go on daily walks each day and try to maintain a more active lifestyle.  In addition, they eat a healthy diet and avoid fast foods that are bad for their health and heart.  However, along with these efforts, they can also add certain foods to their diet that are proven to increase the health of the heart.  Learn more about the following 8 foods that are best to eat for heart health.

1 – Wild Salmon

This fish can be grilled, baked or broiled to provide your heart with the amazing benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.  These acids actually help improve metabolic markers associated with heart disease.  The high levels of selenium in this fish also provide antioxidant qualities that are known to increase cardiovascular protection in the body.  Even better, it is extremely tasty!

2 – Walnuts

Walnuts are also filled with omega-3 fatty acids.  They also contain vitamin E, fiber, and folate.  All of these promote heart health.  However, it is important to remember to eat them unsalted.  Interestingly, these nuts are also extremely beneficial to individuals with diabetes.

3 – Chia Seeds

These plant-based seeds are a great topping for yogurt, salads, or soups.  They only contain 60 calories per spoonful, and they are full of great benefits for the heart and body.  They also contain omega-3 fatty acids to promote heart health.  In addition, the seeds are known to reduce bad cholesterol and plaque build up in the body.

4 – Oatmeal

Oatmeal is also a wonderful meal to consume each morning for breakfast.  It can lower your cholesterol and protect the health of your heart.  However, make sure to eat the classic, plain oatmeal.  The sweetened ones do not offer the same benefits.

5 – Blueberries

One of the most powerful antioxidants and superfoods is a blueberry.  These dark berries contain resveratrol and flavonoids.  These help to prevent coronary disease and also protect your heart.  Even better, you can add blueberries to just about anything – oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, salad, etc.

6 – Red Wine

Red wine also contains reseveratrol.  Studies have linked this popular drink to reducing the likelihood of developing cancer, lowering cholesterol, and increasing the health of your arteries.  Thus, you might want to start drinking a glass of red wine everyday.

7 – Soy Milk

Another great beverage to drink is soy milk.  It helps increase circulation in the body and contains no cholesterol.  It is also lower in fat, so it is naturally better for your body and your heart.

8 – Dark Chocolate

Regular consumption of dark chocolate has been known to help lower your blood pressure.  However, the chocolate has to contain 70 percent or more cocoa.  The reason it can help your blood pressure is because the flavonols in the dark chocolate help relax the arteries in the body.  They also increase your blood flood.

The next time you visit the grocery store, purchase these 8 foods.  They are a great addition to your diet and exercise efforts and can greatly benefit the health of your heart.

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