6 Ways to Bring Beauty To A Winter Yard


Fall provides many opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons. Leaves change to brilliant colors. The autumn hues of red, yellow and orange come out with the harvest of apples, corn, and pumpkins. Early morning frost dusts everything in white and makes the world sparkle. But once the fall crops have been harvested and the leaves have all fallen, you might think it’s time to finish cleaning up the yard, winterize the house, and stay inside to sit out the cold, dreary, colorless winter. However, there are still many ways to enjoy your yard during the cold months. Winter has its own subtle beauty, and there are several types of plants that can still thrive and provide color and sustenance to wildlife. There are also other ways you can beautify the outside of your home in the winter to make it look warm and inviting. Here are 6 different ways to focus on your yard so you can continue to enjoy it throughout the winter.

1. Winter Shrubs. There’s a variety of shrubs and trees to choose from that add beauty and color to a garden in the winter. Some, like river birch, paperbark maple, and Japanese kerria, will display colored or interesting stems or bark once they’ve lost their summer leaves. Other shrubs have brightly colored berries during the fall and winter, like crabapples, viburnums, red chokeberry, winterberry, and the enchanting purple beautyberry. Some of these are good sources of food for wildlife that are trying to make it through the sparse winter.

2. Cold Hardy Flowers. It might seem strange to have flowers in your garden during the winter, but a variety of blooms are tolerant to cold weather and even thrive when the temperature drops. You can hire someone from http://treesurgeonsnortheast.co.uk/ to take care of your garden and trees. Pansies are among the most popular flowers that are tolerant to cold. Ornamental kale is striking in appearance and looks beautiful in winter flowerbeds. And this is the time of year to plant most spring-blooming bulbs, some of which will show up in the early spring, before the last of winter’s snowfall has melted. Crocuses and snowdrops are widely known as very early spring bloomers.

3. Warmth and Light. Think about going beyond decorating your house with Christmas lights: How about getting a fire pit for your patio? A cheerful outdoor fire is a great way to enjoy your yard with friends and family, with a cup of hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows. Placing lanterns around your yard and even hanging from the trees add warmth and color to a winter landscape.

4. Yard Ornaments. These are a great way to add as much color and variety as you like to your yard. Yard ornaments can be seasonal, such as pumpkins for fall, and holly wreaths and bulbs for Christmas – or you can choose ornaments that will add beauty to your garden year round, like statues, fountains, and glass gazing balls.

5. New Paint. Maybe your yard needs a little face lift with a fresh coat of paint to add color to fences, outdoor furniture, and doors. When the trees are bare and hues are muted, it’s a great time to splash some color onto your landscape with perhaps a grass green gate or a coat of bright blue on your old wooden garden bench. Popular colors for doors and shutters this season are shades of red, which, depending on the color of the rest of your house, can give a rustic and welcoming look to your home. Be sure to winterize your newly-painted decorations with products that protect against moisture damage.

6. Bring The Colors Inside. This might seem counter-productive to enjoying the outdoors in the winter, but make sure the inside of your house is bright with colors and light during the cold months. Early night falls and gloomy weather put some people at increased risk of depression in the winter than during the warmer months. Making sure your home is cheerful, bright, and warm can combat a lot of the winter blues – and help you feel up to enjoying all aspects of winter, whether you’re indoors enjoying a respite from the cold, or outside marveling at the beauty of a newly-fallen snow.

Winter may seem bare and stark, but it has its own minimalistic beauty that anyone can appreciate. By adding color, light, and plants that do well in cold weather, you can make your garden a place to enjoy throughout the year.

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